International advanced brand sports marketing system

    Brand advantage

    International advanced brand sports marketing system

    International advanced brand sports marketing system, strong brand influence, more than 30 years of chain leading experience.

  • partners

    Open channels for partners and various ways of cooperation


    Open channels for partners and various ways of cooperation

    Single store franchise (flexible franchise policy, independent promotion plan)
    Shop counter, special hall (flexible franchise policy, independent promotion plan)
    Regional brand developer (fully responsible for the terminal channel recommendation of DKM brand in specific region and brand operation promotion)

  • Information channel

    Unimpeded access to the information channel of franchisee and company

    Information channel

    Unimpeded access to information

    Strong ERP terminal data transmission management system, international leading sales terminal information feedback and instruction communication channel mechanism to realize timely and efficient communication between franchisee and company.

  • Brand promotion

    Brand new brand promotion concept and operation mode.

    Brand promotion

    Brand new brand promotion concept and operation mode

    In addition to regular TV advertising, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising and online publicity, the company has established strategic partnerships with hundreds of strong media in China to jointly promote the development of DKM brand.



Channel support Brand support Product support Price support Training support Information support
Site for franchisees stores, experience and so on provides scientific forecast services, to provide a variety of business support to dealers, mainly including props, decorate support and the support of relevant, and later the image of the upgrade, etc., to encourage the dealer to keep pace with The Times, innovation, brand, achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.
Has a strong project team, timely and effective marketing promotion activity, to contribute to the terminal stores quickly clinch a deal, promoting the operating performance of the terminal shops to provide important security and constant power. Regularly carry out brand communication campaigns, online and offline, new media and traditional media, realize the connection and interaction, and maximize the publicity and promotion of brands.
Each year to organize the implementation of two major product launches, franchisees throughout the country invited to the scene to see sample orders, according to the goods sales agent timely fill order, fast delivery, ensure goods supplement for the entire quantity on time. The complete return and exchange mechanism ensures the accurate and efficient exchange of goods in all regions of the country and ensures the smooth sales of goods.
The strict and perfect price system ensures the success of the brand. Unified national retail price is rigid index of the brand has always been, the company, according to the principle of unified, transparent and open, establish a unified national system of terminal market retail price, maintain the brand value, safeguard the rights and interests of business partners and customers, standardize the market order, building a harmonious good operating environment.
Talent resource is the first positive energy of enterprise development, and it is the concrete manifestation of core competitiveness. We attach great importance to the training of employees in all positions. Cooperate with zhongyan international brand management consultancy, providing marketing management training, brand planning, marketing strategy planning, importing advanced management mode, set up scientific training base, in view of the new open a shop guide dealers, the manager, long-term professional, systematic and standardized training, a steady stream of talent for terminal shop output.
Actively promote the full coverage of ERP system and strengthen the "double P" (VIP, ERP) work. Through the information platform and distribution system of ERP system, the static data of the whole sales chain can be monitored and tracked effectively. Investment has been thousands of project information management system of ERP system has been implemented from the headquarters to the terminal's online rate of eighty percent, to effectively adjust and follow up of terminal shops, provide decision-making for terminal profit, provide market information for product development, greatly enhance the brand terminal retail and product data management is scientific and response speed.


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    Address: Foshan express car city
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